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YouTube SEO with TubeBuddy

If you are working with YouTube videos you probably also know how hard it is to do YouTube SEO on your videos to compete for all those valuable viewers. Writing titles and descriptions and finding the best tags can be hard work and with endless hours of optimizing over and over.
But there’s help to find with TubeBuddy. In this article I will try to review one of the best YouTube SEO tools for you and hopefully, you find it useful enough to give it a try.

What is TubeBuddy?

In short, TubeBuddy is a tool that will help you to manage and scale your YouTube channel. It contains a variety of different features that will help you doing YouTube SEO on your videos, like a YouTube keyword research tool that will find the best keywords to make your videos rank higher. The best part is that all these great features will be available from inside the YouTube dashboard. So every handling of your YouTube channel will be located in one familiar place.

How does TubeBuddy help me with my YouTube SEO?

TubeBuddy is basically just an extension you install onto your browser. It works for both Google Chrome and Firefox. The extension will display as an extra menu inside your YouTube account which makes it easy to access.
In the sections below, I will go deeper into the features TubeBuddy has to offer.

TubeBuddy features

This section describes some of TubeBuddy’s really useful features that can be used all together to really optimize your YouTube SEO.


  • Bulk Processing
    This feature automates processes that can take a long time, like Copy Cards for the marketing of your brand, Copy End Screen to branding other videos, playlists or channels, Deleting Cards, and Deleting End Screens.

  • Emoji Picker
    One way to make your video stand out from the others and make it capture the eyes of a potential viewer is by using emojis. TubeBuddy’s emoji Picker, located at the right in the title field, makes it easy to pick an emoji icon relevant for your video title.

  • Comment filter
    As your YouTube channel becomes larger you will get more and more comments on your videos. Keeping up with them all can be a challenge. With TubeBuddy’s comment filter you can select which comments you want to see. You can filter many different types of comments. To name a few:

    – Comments you haven’t replied to
    – Questions
    – Questions you haven’t replied to
    – Comments that contain specific words
    – Comments that contain links

    The comment filter will save you a great amount of time when engaging with your audience.

  • Thumbnail generator
    Creating cool thumbnails that will make a viewer click on your video can be time-consuming and expensive if you need a Photoshop license just to create thumbnails. With TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator you can save templates that you can re-use to give your videos clean a consistent look.

  • Upload checklist
    With TubeBuddy’s upload checklist you get a list of important steps to remember when uploading new videos. You can then check off each step in the list as you complete the task.

  • Video Topic Planner
    Coming up with the ideas for your next video can be troublesome. With TubeBuddy’s Video Topic Planner you can save suggestions from your viewers when they comment on your videos.

  • Canned Responses
    Rewriting the same response over and over isn’t the best use of your time and resources. Utilizing TubeBuddy’s Canned Responses you can use pre-written messages to publish answers and comments quickly. You can even use some form of personalization with shortcodes to address a user by their first name.

  • Best time to publish
    Publishing a video instantly might not be the ideal if you want to achieve the best possible engagement. This feature utilizes TubeBuddy’s algorithm to find the best time to publish your video.

TubeBuddy’s Productivity features will help you save a great amount of time when working with many video uploads.

YouTube SEO

  • Keyword Explorer
    The Keyword Explorer is a fantastic tool to help you with your YouTube keyword research for your video titles. This is essential for ranking your videos and increasing the reach. With the Keyword Explorer, you will get a view of the competition of a specific keyword you want to use and a recommendation by TubeBuddy on whether this is a keyword that is worth targeting based on the competition. You will also get a list of related keywords that you can choose to target.
TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer
  • Search Rankings
    With the Search Ranking feature, you can see how your videos rank on specific tags. This feature will help you identify certain tags that your video isn’t ranking for and, therefore, can be removed. The historical chart will show you how your video ranks day by day.

  • SEO Studio
    Optimizing a video’s title and description for the best YouTube search ranking can be a difficult task. With TubeBuddy’s SEO Studio this work becomes a lot easier. On setting a targeted keyword, SEO Studio will score your YouTube SEO based on that keyword.

    TubbeBuddy SEO studio
  • Suggested Tags
    By just typing in the keyword you want to rank for, this feature allows you to find the best possible tags to make your videos get maximum exposure. This is key to optimizing your videos for a higher rank in YouTube’s search results. Suggested Tags saves you a lot of time instead of you trying to find all the tags yourself.

  • Best Practice Audit
    This feature helps you to ensure that you’re following YouTube’s recommendations, that your video is set up correctly and your descriptions don’t contain any broken links.

The YouTube optimization features are fantastic in helping you writing the best and most optimized titles and descriptions and selecting the best tags based on your specified keywords.

Data & Research

  • Health Report
    Getting to know what’s working and what’s not is extremely valuable when trying to optimize your videos. TubeBuddy’s Health Report watches your video’s retention and traffic and gives you an overview of your videos’ overall performance.

  • Social Monitor
    See on which social platforms your videos are sharing and talked about. This gives an idea of how popular your videos are.

  • Brand Alerts
    Get notified when someone uploads a new video, creates a playlist or channel matching your brand. This is an awesome feature that gives you an idea of how popular your brand or name is.

  • Retention Analyzer
    This feature allows you to see how your videos across your YouTube channel are performing. Identify what makes your viewers leave and work to improve your overall retention rate.

Data & Research will help you identify specific problems with your videos and help you further optimize them for better results, for example increasing retention rates or higher search rankings.


  • Free plan
    TubeBuddy has a free plan if you want to check it out at first. The free plan, of course, has some limitations. You will not be able to use the bulk features and the tag recommendations will be limited. The free plan is great if you just want to get started and check the tool out to see how it can help you.
  • Paid plans
    TubeBuddy has three paid plans. Pro, Start, and Legend. The cheapest is the Pro Plan at $9 a month, or $7.20 a month if you subscribe for a year, which gives you access to features centered on productivity like thumbnail generation, card templates, and video topic planner and optimization like keyword explorer, tag lists and SEO Studio.

    The Star Plan at $19 a month, or $15.20 a month for a yearly subscription, gives you access to the pro plan plus data and research tools like a health report that gives you an overall look on the health and performance of your channel, and the social monitor which tells you on which social platforms your video have been shared.

    The legend plan at $49 a month, or $39.20 a month for a yearly subscription, gives you access to the whole shebang.

Is it safe to use TubeBuddy?

Yes, it is completely safe. TubeBuddy is “YouTube Certified” meaning that is has gone through a formal process by Google.


Making YouTube SEO for maximum exposure and making video optimization for better retention rates is a very time-consuming task and if you are an active YouTuber or want to be one, this can amount to many frustrating hours. TubeBuddy can ease you with a lot of the common tasks of uploading, writing titles and descriptions, creating thumbnails, etc.

With this great video optimization tool, you can start to increase your YouTube SEO ranking, your views, and your overall YouTube popularity.

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Link tracking with ClickMagick review

In this review, you can read why you must do link tracking with ClickMagick and why you absolutely need this fantastic tool to track your affiliate links.

When you generate traffic for your affiliate links, you need an affiliate link tracking software to track the traffic you get, to be able to collect data on your sales and conversions. If you run campaigns and ads, especially paid ads, you need to know that if it brings you quality and converting traffic.

If your ads, whether that be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, solos ads, or some other type of paid ads, deliver bad traffic that doesn’t convert, you will eventually end up wasting a lot of your money.

That’s why you need to use link tracking. When you track links, you will learn a lot about what is performing badly or not at all and give you the opportunity to improve and optimize your campaigns.

This ClickMagick review will show you why this link tracker is the best option for you.

Let’s get started!

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick Link Tracking

ClickMagick is in my opinion the best link tracking software there is. It’s packed with great and variable features that are vital to correctly track links, such as.

  • Link Cloaking
  • Automatic Bot Filtering
  • Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Custom Tracking Domains
  • Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization
  • A/B Split Testing with Automated Winner Alerts
  • And many more features

With ClickMagick you have analytics reporting on your campaign tracking and it keeps you updated on the performance of your different ads.

To an affiliate marketer, ClickMagick provides really useful reporting on:

  • Conversion rates
  • Click-trough rates
  • Campaign Return-On-Investment
  • Traffic Quality
  • Converting ads
  • Etc.


ClickMagick is the absolute best affiliate link tracking software for online marketers, and it is especially important for those who buy traffic. Not only does it track visits and conversions, but it also controls the incoming traffic by blocking false and fraudulent clicks from bots or VPN users. Because of this feature, you are able to maintain high-quality traffic.

The following section describes some of the other features you will get with ClickMagick.

A/B Split Testing

With A/B split testing you can very easily test different versions of your link tracking separately. When you enter two or more page URLs, you set the percentage of traffic each page should get. Then place the ClickMagick tracking pixel into your thank-you/confirmation pages.

After the setup ClickMagick will randomly distribute the traffic across all the pages you have defined, and you can view detailed statistics for each page.

ClickMagick can also automatically pick the winner if the “confidence interval” is 95% or more.

User-friendly Interface

ClickMagick’s dashboard is fairly simple to navigate. You can relatively easily learn to use the dashboard and navigate the different functionalities and be able to set up valuable link tracking.

ClickMagick offers a 14-day free trial, which is more than enough to learn how it works and set tracking up. The free trial offers all tracking features, so you can test it out in full to see if this link tracking platform can help you optimize your campaigns increase conversions.

Tracking of Pages you don’t own

One of ClickMagick’s many unique features is the ability to set up URL tracking on pages you do not own. You can set up conversion tracking on external thank-you pages people will be sent to after they have made a purchase of one of your affiliate products. This enables you to really measure your conversion rates.

Traffic Quality Score

ClickMagick will score the quality of your traffic. This enables you to measure how good your traffic sources are.

You can view the overall traffic score, but you can also view it on three tiers. This data will tell you a lot about how unique the traffic you get is, and more importantly if it is real traffic. If your idle traffic score is more than 75 it means than your traffic is real.

Being able to measure the quality of your traffic is very helpful if you are using paid traffic to avoid wasting money on traffic that comes from fraudulent sellers, for example from bots.


One of the best features ClickMagick has to offers is the ability to increase your conversion by using targeting pixels.

With the targeting pixels, you can re-target your visitors and boost your sales. You can re-expose your visitors to all your offers with re-targeting and enable them to follow you all over the web.

Just add the re-targeting pixel and copy it to your tracking links. Remember to properly test the links.


The rotator feature is very useful when you have a number of links you want to share as an affiliate link.

You can place all your links in one rotator and share that rotator link. The rotator will then rotate and promote all your links.

Automatic Split TestINg

With ClickMagick you can do automatic split testing of your link tracking. After you have set up split testing ClickMagick with automatically determine a winner and notify you of the result after which you can focus your campaign on that link.

Automated click filtering

This feature will automatically filter out any proxy or bot traffic allowing you to get “clean” traffic which gives you much better data to optimize your links and campaigns on.

Who is clickmagick for?

ClickMagick can be used by any doing online marketing and have specific conversion goals.

If you are an affiliate marketer it is especially useful to do affiliate marketing tracking to be able to optimize your campaigns in order to boost conversions and sales.


ClickMagick Link Tracking Pricing

ClickMagick offers three different plans. Which plan to choose depends on the amount of traffic you are generating.

  • Starter Plan – $27 per month
    Up to 10,000 clicks per month
    2 custom tracking domains
    Funnel tracking on 1 funnel
    Unlimited conversions
    All core features
  • Standard Plan – $67 per month
    Up to 100,000 clicks per month
    10 custom tracking domains
    Funnel tracking on 5 funnels
    Unlimited conversions
    All core features
    … and much more
  • Pro Plan – $97 per month
    Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
    Unlimited custom domains
    Unlimited funnel tracking
    Live support
    Unlimited conversions
    … and much more

All plans offer a 14-day FREE trial.

Pros and cons


  • IP Manager
    Filter out or blick single IP-addresses or a range of IPs.
  • IP Lookup
    Look up and tracking specific IPs. With this feature that can track conversions and sales or identity a fraudulent IP.
  • Detailed stats
    Get detailed statistics on your links and campaigns to fully optimize those that optimize below what’s expected.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics
    It fully integrates with Google Analytics which allows you to dig deeper into how your visitors converts.
  • Many more great features


  • Tricky setup
    It can be a little difficult to set up if you are unfamiliar with the terms.


For anyone doing online marketing, being able to track clicks is a must to identity low performing links and campaigns. ClickMagick offers a fantastic link tracking service, with a bunch of features that will help you to optimize your affiliate campaigns and increase your conversions and sales.

The filtering of proxies and bots is probably one of the best features as this will definitely help you save money on paid traffic.

With the 14-day FREE trial you can check out all the features and quickly decide if you want to keep using it.

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